Your instructor may provide an Excel, or excel-like, worksheet inside an exam using the LockDown Browser. They may also expect you to make changes and to provide those changes to them.

Use the following steps to use a provided Excel worksheet in the LockDown Browser.

  1. From the assignment question inside the LockDown Browser, launch the provided link to the spreadsheet. This will open the file in a new tab using Respondus’ built-in spreadsheet editor. Spreadsheet Editor
  2. From here, you can view and make changes to the file. Opening the link again will create another tab with a fresh file.
  3. Once any changes are made, you can click CLICK HERE TO SAVE YOUR WORK to copy a link to your clipboard, if applicable. Your instructor may not require this step, in which case you can ignore the following steps.
  4. Navigate to your instructor’s question where the link can be pasted and paste your link there. This should appear as an empty area with a short description, possibly including more detailed instructions.

You now know how to access the spreadsheet files provided by your instructor and can provide your saved work, if applicable.