LockDown Browser is a standalone application that can be installed during the process of taking an assignment.

Windows, Mac, or iPad versions are all available for use, although the iPad version must be enabled, per assignment, by your instructor. If you have interest in using the iPad version, then please confirm its support for your assignment with your instructor and see the iPad section below for installation.

A microphone and camera are not required to use this application, but make sure to follow your instructor's instructions as they may require this equipment.

Installation and Usage

From the course page, use the following steps to install LockDown Browser.

  1. Open the module, or chapter, where the assignment is located.
  2. Click the assignment. You should see an image similar to the one below.
  3. Click Download LockDown Browser, otherwise click Launch LockDown Browser and skip to the end of these instructions.
    Clicking Launch LockDown Browser when not installed will do nothing.
  4. If downloading, you'll see a page similar to the one below and a download will begin.
  5. Run the installer that was downloaded, and follow the instruction's steps.
  6. You will now be able to launch the assignment, as seen in Step 3.

LockDown Browser will launch, prompting you to close any blocked applications. Once closed, you can take your assignment. To re-enable your computer's functions, close LockDown Browser once finished.

See Emergencies if you experience any interruptions during your assignment.


This requires that the option be set for the assignment.

For emergencies, or brief interruptions to your internet access, you are allowed to provide a valid reason to your instructor for emergency re-access to the exam.


This requires that the option be set for the assignment.

For iPad users, download and install the LockDown Browser app from the Apple App Store (Requires iOS 11 or Higher). Follow instructions as prompted and see the link provided below for additional information.

LockDown Browser: Guide on iPad Installation