These steps will depend on how your instructor has setup this process.

Make sure to have any Meeting IDs, Personal Link Names, and/or passwords associated with your Zoom Meeting written down since you will not have access to this information once the LockDown Browser has been launched.

Use the following steps to join your instructor's scheduled Zoom Meeting using a link going to Zoom's homepage, or Join a Meeting page.

  1. After launching the LockDown Browser, click the link in the first question that your instructor has requested you to select (there may only be one link available).
  2. Click Join a Meeting up at the top of the webpage.
  3. Put in the Meeting ID or Personal Link Name supplied by your instructor.
  4. Put in the password, if applicable.
  5. Click the Launch Meeting button. You may have to hit this twice before the following link appears.
  6. Select the Join from Your Browser link.

You should now be in the Zoom Meeting as required by your instructor. Make any additional adjustments as needed.

Note that once the LockDown Browser closes, it will end your session in Zoom.