Course access may need to be purchased separately, depending on the title.

  • eBooks that include a course access code will have the number of uses for that code available.
  • Any included course access codes can only be used for courses associated with that book, including edition.

This option bundles the eBook with their course, paying full price for the eBook subscription and receiving their course for free.

  1. Find a course via Course Search.
    This can be navigated to in several ways.
    Course Search for Instructor-Led
  2. Click the Enroll button.
  3. If you are logged in, continue to the next step.Otherwise, log into your existing account or create a new account.
  4. Choose your Subscription Option and click the Select button under eBook. You can also preview the eBook and read about its compatibility with your device.Course inclusion availability will be shown here.
    eBook option.
  5. You should be redirected to the Cart page.
  6. Review your order summary then select Proceed to checkout.
  7. You should be redirected to the Checkout page where you can enter your payment information.
  8. You should then be redirected to the Success page with your payment summary (printable receipt).