Switch to a Different Instructor-Led Course

If you have enrolled in the wrong course please contact support with a reference to your current course and the section ID or enrollment link for your instructor's course. Once we receive your ticket, we will transfer you to the correct course and send you confirmation.

New Support Ticket

Switch from Standalone to Instructor-Led Course

If you enrolled in a Standalone Course (self-study) mistakenly, you can transfer yourself using the following steps.

  1. Log into your account and go to your My Subscriptions page.

  2. Under the Standalone Course, click the Switch to Instructor-Led button.

  3. Enter the Section ID provided by your instructor. If the Section ID is correct, your course will appear.

    An example using a demo course.
  4. Click the Join Course button.

You should now see the Instructor-Led Course you switched to on your My Subscriptions page.