Use the following steps to attempt an assignment.

  1. Select the assignment link you wish to attempt and read the information to verify that you're in the right assignment.
  2. Click the Attempt assignment now button.
  3. Click Next button at the bottom of the page to see the next page of questions.
  4. Click the Flag in the box next to the question to put a temporary marker on it.
  5. Notice the assignment Navigation block in the upper left corner; you can use it to jump to any question.Question boxes for the current page are in bold.Flagged questions will have a red corner in their box.
  6. To finish the exam, select Finish attempt in the Navigation block on the last page of the exam.
  7. The Summary of attempt page will review the questions as well as alert you to questions not attempted.
    Summary of attempt page
  8. Select any question page number, or Return to attempt, to go back to the assignments.
  9. Click on Submit all and finish to have your assignments scored. A warning will pop-up informing you that you can no longer change your answers.

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