NOTE:  The number of Attempts set in a User Override must include any previously completed attempts, if any.  

Example: If the assignment settings allow for 1 attempt and you want to allow a student that has already completed an attempt to reenter the assignment, the override must be set to 2 attempts.

A User Override provides the ability to override certain assignment settings for a particular student without affecting the rest of the class. 

Example:  A student requires testing accommodations, such as time and a half.  If an exam has a Time Limit of 1 hour, you can set an override to allow the student 1 1/2 hours or adjust the closing date/time as applicable.

Example:  A student will be missing class and you want to allow another day for the student to turn in the assignment. Set a User Override to extend the due date for the student.

For a single assignment, Overrides can be set for one student or for multiple students at the same time.

To set User Overrides for one studnet on multiple assignments, see User Overrides - Add Multiple Overrides for One User.

Add a User Overrides for One Assignment

1.   Click Manage Sections.

  • Manage Sections can be accessed from any of the following locations:
    • Instructor Dashboard
    • Course Home page (shown)
    • Course Navigation Menu (within the course, identified in Step 2 screenshot)


2.   Select Assignment Dates for the applicable Section.

3.   Navigate to the assignment and select Add User Overrides.

4.   Select Add User Override

5.   Select the student(s) from the Student dropdown field. 

  • To select multiple students, click into the field again and select the next student. 

6.   Toggle the switch to ON to open fields and set Override.

  • Set Opening Date/Time for student if different from assignment settings.
  • Set Closing Date/Time for student if different from assignment settings.
  • Set Time Limit if applicable.
    • Time Limit is a real-time, running clock that begins when the student opens the attempt. 
    • Note: if not set, there is no Time Limit and assignment will close at the set Closing Date/Time.
  • Set number of Attempts allowed if different from assignment settings.

7.   Click Add User Override.

  • Edits can be made by clicking the Edit Action icon.