You can easily copy an existing assignment within the same Chapter/Module, into another Chapter/Module, or into another course within the same textbook/edition.  You can use the copied assignment as-is, or modify it as needed.

Example:  Create an ungraded practice version of a graded assignment or exam.

From the Instructor Dashboard, click Go to Course, then follow the steps below:

STEP 1:  Locate the Assignment's Copy Code

1.  Click Course Content on the menu panel. 

  • Click on the needed Chapter/Module to navigate to the assignment.

2.  Click Edit for the assignment to be copied. 

  •  Select Copy Assignment.

3.  Click the Copy to Clipboard icon to copy the assignment's Copy Code.

STEP 2:  Apply the Assignment's Copy Code to Create a Copy

1.  Navigate to the Chapter/Module where you would like to place the copy.

  • Click Add an assignment or resource.

2.  Paste the Assignment's Copy Code into the provided field (see below).

  • Click Copy Assignment.

STEP 3 (Optional):  Modify the Copied Assignment

To modify the copied assignment, navigate to the assignment within the Course and click Edit.

  • Select Edit Settings to modify the assignment Name or Template.
  • Select Edit Timing to set the Timing parameters for the copied assignment.
  • Select Edit Questions to modify the included Questions or assignment Point Value.