NOTE: If an assignment it turned OFF in a Section, it will not be visible nor accessible to students in that Section.  Assignments are ON by default. See Hide or Show Assignments to control visibility for students in ALL Sections.

Assignments can be turned On or Off. If an assignment is required of one Section but not another or there are assignments in the course that you don't want to delete but also don't want to use for the current term, they can be turned Off. 

EXAMPLE 1:  Multiple Sections / Different assignments required

You have two sections (04 & 07) and have created a separate Exam for each. Turn Exam-04 ON in Section 04 and OFF in Section 07. Turn Exam-07 OFF in Section 04 and ON in Section 07. Students will only have access to the Exam for their section. 

NOTE:  To avoid penalizing students for whom an assignment is not required, Gradebook Modifications will need to be made.

EXAMPLE 2:  Prebuilt course

You don't want to use a prebuilt assignment, but also don't want to delete it. You can turn OFF the assignment (or Hide it). To remove the assignment's point value from grade calculations, Set Points to 0 or modify the gradebook.

Turn an Assignment OFF

  1. Click Manage Sections for the associated Course from the Dashboard or from within the Course.

    From Dashboard
    From within Course. Select from menu or from course block.
  2. Click Assignment Dates for the needed Section.
    (Example: MWF section)
  3. Click the On/Off toggle to OFF for the assignment of the selected Section.
    (Example: Here we are in the MWF Section to turn OFF the Ch 2 Quiz Tu/Th Quiz assignment for MWF students) 
  4. Save Changes (lower right corner of screen)
  5. Repeat as needed. In this example, you would go to the Assignment Dates screen for the Tu/Th Section and Turn Off Ch 2 Quiz MWF.

!!! REMINDER: Modify gradebook so points are not calculated in overall grades of students for which the assignment is not required. If not required of any sections, Points can be set to 0 in lieu of gradebook modifications.

Turn an Assignment ON

  1. Follow Steps 1 and 2 above to access the Assignment Dates screen for the selected Section.
    Toggle On/Off button to ON.
  2. Save Changes.