Submission Settings Explained

Require students to click the submit button:  If set to Yes, students are required to click Submit to declare their submission as final.

  • Allows students to keep a draft version until ready to submit.
  • If changed from No to Yes after submissions have been made, all previous submissions will be counted as final.

Require that students accept the submission statement:  If set to Yes, students are required to acknowledge that submitted work is their own.

Attempts reopened:  Determines how student submissions can be/are reopened.

  • Never Student submission cannot be reopened.
    • If set to Never and a submission needs to be reopened, change the setting to Manually (see below).
  • Manually (recommended) Submission can be reopened by the instructor.
    • Similar to a user override for an auto graded assignment.
  • Automatically until pass Student submission can automatically be reopened until the student receives a minimum grade.
    • Grade to pass is set under Grade Settings section of the manual assignment's settings page.
Maximum attempts.  Once a student submits the number of attempts allowed, the submission can no longer be reopened.