With a customizable Course Layout, Instructors have the ability to combine Course Content to fit their needs. 

Scenario:  An accelerated course is organized by Week with each week combining content from multiple chapters. Organize the course with folders labeled by Week (instead of Chapter/Module) and and combine content as needed. 

Combining Course Content

1.   Access the Course Layout Screen.

  • Click Course Content
  • Select Course Layout.

2.   Click Edit for a Content Folder to be edited. 

  • Select Edit Chapter / (Edit Module).

3.  Revise Content Folder Name.

  • Type in preferred name in the Chapter Name (Module Name) field.

 EXAMPLE: Change Chapter 1 to Week 1.

4.  Combine Course Content

  • Scroll down to the Book Resources section of the page.
    • Under Section(s), click Add Section.


  • Use the Dropdown field to select another Chapter/Module.
    • Repeat until all needed content is included in the Chapter Content folder.

 EXAMPLE: Include content from Chapters 1-2 in Content Folder "Week 1".

5.   Manage Book Resources

  • In the Book Resources section, toggle Book Resources On/Off as needed.

6.   Save Changes.

7.   Repeat Steps 2-6 until Course Content is layed out as needed.