We highly recommend testing the assignment before distributing it to students.

The LockDown Browser will allow access to any links available in the assignment by default. This allows you to flexibly add any external online resources to the exam that you would like available. To maintain a secure environment, any links, search bars, or other forms of navigation in the new, locked tab will be disabled.

To allow students to use any and all resources, and navigation methods, inside the links provided, you’ll need to put the website’s domain into your assignment’s LockDown Browser settings. Example using one link: www.website.com Example using multiple links: www.website.com,another.website.gov

External sources that do not require additional setup.

  • Financial Calculator
  • Web Article
  • Excel File (URL going directly to the file)
  • Audio
  • Video
  • PDF Documents To avoid students saving and printing PDF documents, you’ll need to modify the document’s permissions.

External sources that do require additional setup.

  • Zoom

From the Course page, use the following steps to allow external links to your assignment.

  1. Select Course Settings from the Navigation on the left. 
  2. Select LockDown Browser.
  3. From this page, you will see a list of all of your assignments that you have in your course. In the right-hand column, it will indicate if you have set LockDown Browser to be required for each assignment.
    List of Assignments
  4. Select the icon next to the assignment, expanding a drop-down list.
  5. Select Settings. This will display the options available for that assignment. LockDown Browser course options.
  6. In Advanced Settings for the LockDown Browser settings for an assignment, enable the Allow access to specific external web domains optionAllow access to specific external web domains
  7. Using the link, copy the domain. This portion will be up until the first slash (/), not including http:// or https://. Example 1: Link: https://www.google.com/extended_link?q=query
    Domain: www.google.com.Example 2: Link: yahoo.com/extended_link?q=query
    Domain: yahoo.com.
  8. Using the copied domain, paste it into the Allow access to specific external web domains option of the LockDown Browser settings.
    Domains inside the LockDown Browser settings.
    Here we have put in 3 different domains so students can access all available resources from those sites.
    This is simply done as a demonstration of adding multiple domains. Most instructors will not need to add more than 1 domain, if any.

Now, any external resources and navigation methods in the link(s) provided to students inside the assignment, will now be available in your assignment.