We highly recommend that you do not enable the following.

  • Lock Students into Exam (LockDown Browser setting)
  • Display Resources (Assignment setting)

Below are the advanced settings available in the Respondus LockDown Browser. When on the settings screen, you can hover over, or click when applicable, [explain] next to each option for additional information. The default for each option is Off.

Lock students into the browser until exam is completed
  • When Off, students may leave the browser if an emergency occurs or if there is an interruption to their internet connectivity. They will be warned twice about leaving early and prompted to submit a reason for their early leaving.
  • When On, students must submit the attempt before they can close the browser.
  • When Off, students who attempt to force LockDown Browser to close will have each attempt logged in Early Exits. Note that this includes actual emergencies such as internet connectivity issues or power outages.

Allow students to take this exam with an iPad (using the "LockDown Browser" app from the Apple App Store)
When on, allows students to use the iPad app when attempting the assignment.

Allow access to specific external web domains
  • Allow certain web domains to be accessed, using links, while attempting the assignment. Any resource may be accessed from a specified domain.
  • Multiple domains may be entered using commas.

Enable Calculator on the toolbar
When on, you can allow either a standard, or scientific, calculator to be accessible.

Enable Printing from the toolbar
  • Creates a print button that can be used to print the screen while taking an exam.
  • This includes the review directly offered after an assignment is submitted, if applicable.

Additional Resources