Step 1

  1. Click the Settings link in the side navigation (see screenshots below)settings.png
  2. Select the Navigation tab (see screenshots below)navigation.png
  3. Find the Chicago Business Press link, it will be disabled, enabled the link and click the Save button (see screenshots below)course_navigation.png

Step 2

  1. Click the Chicago Business Press link that is now in the side navigation (see screenshots below)PLEASE READ: This link is only visible to instructors and is used for the initial integration processcourse_navigation_enabled.png
  2. Once Chicago Business Press loads, select a course(see screenshot below)select_a_course.png
  3. You will be prompted to select a section and confirm the integration. If all the information looks correct click the Yes, Integrate Now button (see screenshot below)confirm_integration.png
  4. Canvas will ask you to authorize the Chicago Business Press App. Click the Authorize button (see screenshot below)
  5. If the integration is successful, a green checkmark will appear. The integration is now complete (see screenshot below)integration_complete.png
  6. From your Canvas course, click on the Assignments link in your side navigation. You will see your assignments listed under the Chicago Business Press assignment groups. (see screenshot below)assignments.png