Students can most easily enroll in your course using the Enrollment Link.

  • In order to provide your students access to the course, go to the appropriate Course Section and click on the Student Handout button.
  • You can also copy the enrollment link here to send to students.
    An expanded section on the My Sections page.
  • This is a customized student handout that includes instructions and a link for students to register for your course into the appropriate section. Note: These handouts are section specific, so the links can be posted to your syllabus, sent to students via email, or posted to within your institution's LMS system. 
    An example of a student handout. Do not use this example for your class.

  • These are the first steps you’ll need to get started on the platform and create your first course.
    Here are additional resources we encourage you to use.
    • Dashboard Preview
    • Getting Started (video)
    • The User Guide for detailed instructions on managing all facets of your online course.