Now that you have access to the eBook, you can quickly and easily create your course. Creating a New course is most often utilized in the following situations:

  • First time users
  • New edition

If you prefer to see the process in video format, click here: How to Create a Course

Creating Your First Course

  1. Locate the text on your Dashboard.  Click Create New Course.
  2. Enter Course Details.
    • Enter Course Name.
    • Select Academic Term from the drop-down menu (or check Enter a term an type in the term/year).
    • If your account is associated with more than one school, select the associated institution from the drop-down menu.
  3. Set up your Sections for the term.
    • If you teach multiple groups of students, create multiple Sections within the course to keep organized, filter gradebook by section, and have the option to set different Assignment Dates for each Section.
    • Select the number of Sections from the drop-down menu.
    • Enter Section Name.
    • Enter Section End Date (end of term)
    • Click Create Course.