Once you have created an assignment, go to questions via the Edit Questions button or through the Gear icon/Edit Questions and you can begin adding randomly pooled questions in the following manner:

  • Click Add and select A random question.
  • In the Category drop-down, scroll to near the bottom of the question bank to locate the Computerized Testbank section of the question bank.
  • Click on the Multiple Choice (#) subcategory for the chapter you wish to include.
  • Change Number of random questions to the number of questions you wish to include for each student.
  • Click Add random question.

If you add 20 questions, each student will receive a different set of 20 questions drawn from all questions available in the multiple choice category for that chapter.  Continue adding pooled questions as desired.

You can use the same procedure to randomly pool True/False questions.

If you wish to pool both True/False and multiple choice together, that can be done as well.
To do so, instead of selecting the MC(#) or T/F(#) subcategories, you will select the Chapter header (Ch05) and CHECK the box for "Include questions from subcategories too"...this will allow the random draw to include both question types.
Keep in mind, some students may receive a assignment heavier in one question type or the other as compared to others.