• The number of Attempts set in a User Override must include any previously completed attempts, if any.
    Example: If the assignment settings allow for 1 attempt, and you want to allow a student who has already completed an attempt to reenter the assignment, the override must be set to 2 attempts.
  • Override Times are in 24hr/military time.

A User Override provides the ability to override certain assignment settings for a particular student without affecting the rest of the class.

  • Example: A student requires testing accommodations, such as time and a half.  If an exam has a Time Limit of 1 hour, you can set an override to allow the student 1 1/2 hours, or adjust the closing date/time as applicable.
  • Example: A student will be missing class and you want to allow another day for the student to turn in the assignment. Set a User Override to extend the due date for the student.

Set a User Override

  1. From within the Course, navigate to the assignment. 
    • Click Edit.
    • Select Set User Overrides
  2. Click Add User Override.
  3.  Select the student from the Override User drop-down field.
  4. Check Enable to open fields and set Override.
    • Set Opening Date/Time for student if different from assignment settings.
    • Set Closing Date/Time for student if different from assignment settings.
    • Set Time Limit if applicable.
      • Time Limit is a real-time, running clock that begins when the student opens the attempt.
      • Note:if not set, there is no Time Limit and assignment will close at the set Closing Date/Time.
    • Set number of Attempts allowed if different from assignment settings.
  5. Save.
    • Or, if you have additional Overrides to set, click Save and enter another override.
    • You will see a summary of the Override 
      • (Time Limit and Attempts not changed in example and are therefore not shown below).
    • Edits can be made to the Override by clicking the Gear icon.