How to Export Grades from Gradebook

  1. Choose an export format from the gradebook drop-down menu or in the Administration block under Grade administration > Export.
  2. Set options as required.
  3. If the course uses groups, select whether to export grades for all participants or for a particular group.
  4. Select the grade items to be included.
    Note: ID numbers are required for all activities for XML file export. An ID number field can be found in the common module settings for each activity.
  5. Click the export button.

XML File Export

Make sure that users have the following

  • Users have ID numbers (an optional field in the user profile)
  • Activities have ID numbers (an optional field in the common module settings)


Export New or Updated Grades Only

To export only new or updated grades you need to enable XML File in Grades > General settings > Primary grade export methods (gradeexport).

After this setting has been enabled, the XML File option will then set and use a "last exported" field for every grade. The result will export the records with the tag being identified as new or regraded.

This means the report will track the last exported date. If you export and then try again, it will not show any results because there are no new or updated grades since the last export.

Tips and tricks

  • Export grades in a spreadsheet format. Then copy and paste that information into another file that has worksheet ("raw grades"). Create other worksheets which are custom reports which take their data from "raw grades". This works if graded activities are not moved around to different positions in the course. This allows you to create a standard printed report(s). For example a compact landscape report of all students and all grades for each activity, a report of just quizzes, another of lessons, another of assignments. A pivot table of students by scores, generated from a report worksheet, which gets its data from the raw data.
  • Mailmerge exported grades into custom documents. For example, a document that is given to a department to file as a proof of training, with scores for every subject quiz.