Grade Categories allow you to organize your Gradebook. Here you can learn how to add categories, move existing assigments into a category, edit and delete categories from the Grade Setup screen.

Access Grade Setup Screen

1.   Click Gradebook from within the Course Navigation Menu.

2.   Click on the Setup tab.

  • The Gradebook setup tab will be in view by default.


Add a Grade Category

1.   Select Add category near the bottom of the page.


2.   Give the grade category a meaningful name.

3.   Click Save Changes.

Move Existing Assignments into a Grade Category

1.   Check the box(es) for the assignment(s) to be moved to a new Category.  

2.   Click in the Move selected items to dropdown menu (see above) 

  • Select the appropriate Category.

Edit a Grade Category

1.   Locate the Category to be edited. Click Edit.

  • Select Edit Settings.

2.   Make any needed adjustments.

3.   Click Save Changes.

Delete a Grade Category

1.   Locate the Category to be Deleted. Click Edit.

  • Select Delete.

2.   Confirm Deletion.