NOTE:  You cannot archive a course with active sections.

You will first need to archive all sections before the course can be archived.

To keep your dashboard clean and easily find the courses you use regularly, you can archive Courses that are no longer needed. Archived Courses can be retrieved at a later date if needed.

For instruction to archive Sections, see Archive (or Unarchive) a Section.

Archive a Course

  1. Once all active Sections have been archived, go to the Instructor Dashboard and click the 3-dot ellipsis icon for the course to be archived. 

    Select Edit Details.
  2. In the yellow-shaded box, check Archive Course.
    Click Save Changes. 

To Unarchive a Course

  1. From the Instructor Dashboard, click the 3-dot ellipsis icon for the associated text.
    Select Archived Courses.
  2. Locate the course to be unarchived and click Unarchive.